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Superannuation Valuations for Family Law Purposes for all Schemes

Please note that Peter Skinner will be on annual leave from 14 Aug 2016 to 29 Aug 2016. During this period, I will be in a remote locality and will not be able to return calls or answer emails. Normal business resumes end Aug 2016.


From $400 plus GST - email for a quote

Standard service - about 2 business days

For urgent tasks, email for a quote

Other Services include:

What You Need to Provide for a Family Law Valuation

Peter Skinner

former Deputy Commissioner of Superannuation,
specialist in military and Commonwealth schemes

PO Box 3131
Norman Park QLD 4170
Phone 07 3901 7210
Fax 07 3102 6131
Mob 0403 222 143

Email: peter@pgssuperannuation.com.au